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Last March, I was first treated by Dr. Shani for a broken shoulder. At that time, I was impressed by his professionalism and his desire to avoid surgery if possible. Under his care, I was almost completely healed until I re-injured the shoulder last September/October.

Only after additional therapy and cortisone shots, did Dr. Shani recommended surgery. He took time to clearly set my expectations and encouraged questions. At no time did I feel rushed or like a “number”. When I needed to move the surgery up due to unbearable pain, his team rescheduled without any issues.

The day of surgery, Team Shani went out of their way to make me feel “less stressed”. Claudia Calderon (CiCi- Clinical Assistant) followed-up after the surgery. She told me to come on into the office during her lunch hour and she’d help with the dressings and check things out. Again, Team Shani went above & beyond; helping me with the small things that really weren’t that small such as how to properly fit my sling. Dr. Shani popped in to check on me as well and offered to answer any additional questions I had about the surgery. This is all without an appointment!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the surgery results and Dr. Shani’s role in my recovery.

I would encourage your organization to use Dr. Shani as an example of the right way to treat patients. This is the way healthcare should work.


Dr. Shani repaired my distal biceps tendon and I was amazed how quickly I recovered. He used a minimally invasive technique with a small incision. Got my strength back with no problems. He explained the entire process and got me back in the weight room and I am feeling great!!

Houston, TX

Dr. Shani performed my ACL surgery and I couldn’t be happier. He did an amazing job and I am now back to playing sports. He guided me thru the entire the process and the rehab and I am thrilled with my result.

Houston, TX

He repaired my rotator cuff and fixed my biceps tendon and I feel great. Great bed side manner . Highly recommend. Nice office staff.

Houston, TX

Treated my uncle after he fell and had a femur fracture. Did an amazing job and had a great bed side manner. My uncle is now walking without any pain.


He listened and took time with me. The wait time was very fast. The staff was great.

Sara Woehle

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